Kilimanjaro Achiever’s is Irelands Only Non For Profit Trekking Company on Kilimanjaro.
We are fully Licensed and Bonded through Saffron Travels.
We hold a 99% success rate.
We are the only company to bring 2 Cystic Fibrosis Teenagers to the Summit.
We use Tanzania’s finest Trekking Company Everlasting Tanzania Travels, which is owned and run by the Guides, who are all Tanzania natives.
Have a read of our Track Record, It speaks for itself.

On Kilimanjaro Mountain, we have a saying ‘Attitude before Altitude’ and we also believe you are afforded a rare choice in life if you come here. Given the very hectic nature of many of our lives often there is very little time to reflect positively on the things that matter in life. When you come to Kilimanjaro the choice is simple; As you set off you can park all of your woes and worries and leave that accumulated ‘baggage’ on the foothills of the mountain. Whether you choose to pick it all up again when you leave is your choice entirely, but we hope, with our help, you’ll leave it behind.

At Kilimanjaro Achiever’s so many amazing stories have been created over the years.
From 11 years old to 72 years old and all the ages in between.
We have had people climb for fun, for a challenge, to honour loved ones, to find out what they are made of and to make some amazing lasting memories.
Everyone who has ever climber Kilimanjaro has come home with so many stories to tell.
Shane is one of those, he is a 17 year old student with Cystic Fibrosis who Summited Kilimanjaro with us in October 2014.
His story is more amazing than most.

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