Gear List

1 Pair Hiking Boots.                                                  1 Set Of Walking Poles.

1 Summit Jacket.                                                          1 Silk Liner for Sleeping Bag.

1 Summit Pants.                                                           1 Water Pack 2/3Ltr.

1 Pair Summit Gloves.                                                 2 Insulated Water Bottles.

1 Set Thermal Base Layers.                                      1 Day Backpack 25L.

1 Fleece Top.                                                                1 Head Torch.

1 Long Sleeved Top (wicking).                               1 Holdall Bag 90L.

2 T-Shirts (wicking).                                                  2/3 Packs Baby Wipes.

2 Hiking Pants.                                                            1 Sum Block Water Resistant.

1 Set Waterproof Top Layers.                                2 Lip Balm UV Protection.

4 Pairs Breathable Hiking Socks.                          10 Dioralyte Sachets.

1 Pair Thermal Socks.                                              Diamox  & Augmentin.

2 Sports Bras.                                                             Roll On Deodorant.

6 Breathable Underpants.                                      Small Tin Of Vaseline.

1 Rimmed Sun Hat.                                                   Pain Killers.

1 Buffer.                                                                       Toothbrush/Toothpaste.

1 Microfiber Towel.                                                 Snacks For Climb.

It is important to carry any medication you would take at home.

The Doctors carry a full medical kit to cover all needs on the mountain.

Make sure your boots are good quality and that you* buy them well in advance so they are fully broken in. Keep an eye out in your local outdoor shops you can find great bargains in the sales.

Gear will be checked on the compulsory sessions and upon arrival in Africa to make sure its of sufficient quality.

Bring spare batteries for your head torch and cameras. Duracell survive the cold best. Its a good idea to keep all batteries and electrical devices in your sleeping bag at night to protest them from the cold and stop your batteries being drained.

Gear can be quite expensive if you let it. Tesco, Aldi and Lidl now all carry good quality wicking and thermal clothes. Also borrow as much as you can, so many people have climbed before you and most are happy to lend their gear. Bring some snacks for the climb such as dried fruit, nuts, sweets etc. Bring a few extra to share with the Guides/Porters they love a treat too.