Kilimanjaro Achievers was founded on the following principals

Access for all; age/gender/background regardless
That this is a ‘doable’ mountain
That by following a simple 12 week programme the goals are achievable by all
Our on-going medical research has provided us with a wealth of knowledge about those aged between 9 + 19
Facilitating children and teenagers on our programme encourages and fosters empowerment and a greater sense of self belief in those that take part, changing perspectives and outlooks along the way
To this end over the past 4 years we have taken over 400 students, (10 – 19) from across 70 schools. Since the formation of Kilimanjaro Achievers as a not for profit organisation in 2011, we raised €95,000 for charities in Ireland. In 2012 that figure surpassed €250,000 for charities at home and in Africa. In the process we have set 2 world records (youngest female – Sarah O’ Neil 2011 & largest ever group in 2012 which saw 117 students, parents and teachers make the summit.

We have taken 2 students with Cystic Fibrosis see Shane’s Story on our home page .
Given the numbers we take we make it realistic for students to be able to fund-raise for charity, giving them a better sense of ownership, whilst allowing them to also fund-raise their costs (Click here for a pdf for all the background information).

This video show just how doable Kilimanjaro is and was done by a team of transition year and 5th year students (all scouts) from Limerick in June 2012 as part of the Kilimanjaro Achievers climb series.

B Wall

‘Just a note to say thank you very much for all the work you put in over many months to make our trip so successful. I know from years of having visitors to stay how draining it is to be constantly asked ‘what are we doing today’ but you fielded the interminable questions and worries with such reserves of patience and courtesy that I was in awe!

In particular your superb care of my daughter Chantal (aged 16) on summit day was the difference between success and failure and meant the world to her (and by extension, therefore to me!)

The trip was a real lesson in the power of the positive, and the combined strength of a group being more than the sum of its parts. I dubbed our group ‘ The Reluctant Summiteers’ – if pushed, none of us could really explain why we were there. Somehow we kept clambering over the hurdles, finding the money, having a stab at training, and at least thinking of watching our diet. Like bold school-kids who had not done their homework, each day’s climb was our potential undoing, and the relief at the end of the day palpable. Then somehow it was summit day – could we really make it? By then the group dynamic was so strong that we all knew in our core it was all of us or none of us. Thanks to you – it was all!’

Janet Hawkins Blessington Bookstore (Proud Mother!)

‘Cillian returned home on Sunday with a triumphant group four and even from his recollections on the drive home to Wicklow; it was obvious that the trip had been the lifetime experience that we had hoped for him. Thank you for your time, attention and motivation.

I have no doubt that his outlook on life has been changed by undertaking this challenge. His horizon has been broadened in both physical and spiritual aspects and I am sure he will be embarking on more challenges in the years ahead.

Thanks again and continued good luck and success with the rest of the schools part of the programme’.

Ger Roe (Father)
Co. Wicklow.

Kilimanjaro was the best thing I’ve ever done…
by day 2 you have so many new friends and become really, really close.
I loved it… the guides are amazing; they will never see you with a sad face… ever! We stopped to sing and dance every 30 second! I never thought we’d reach base camp.
I broke a record… I was the first to get married on Kilimanjaro… I married one of the guides!! .. They are unreal people and I simply can’t wait to go back.
If you feel ill, sick, anything at all there is always some there to help.
Ian is amazing on the trip always there for you whenever you need him, day or night
I was nervous and iffy about going as well, yet I was the very first person to cry coming home
100% recommended… I loved it and so will ye 🙂 ‘

Laura Durkan, Student, Ballina Co Mayo

“Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little, has its stages of drudgery and triumph; a beginning, a struggle and a victory.”