The Team

Not only are they very experienced on the mountain, their knowledge and respect is highly impressive. This is a great experience for everybody involved.



Padraig is the Dean of the Faculty of Sport & Exercise Medicine RCSI RCPI. Padraig is also a Consultant in Anesthesia and Intensive Care at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin,Dublin. He holds a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and is trained in practice of Medicine in remote areas. (WEMSI Wilderness Physician)Padraig has been an active sportsman all his life including playing rugby in the UK (with London Irish RFC and Great Britain RL Students), and in Ireland with Galwegians, up to the age of 32. He has also been keen on cycling, skiing and scuba diving.
He climbed Kilimanjaro 5 times, 3 with his good pal Ian Mc Keever.
He was the lead Doctor on the world record trip in 2012 where he was responsible for the well-being of all 118 climbers on the mountain.  There were 3 porters/guides for every climber that Padraig was also responsible for.  That Trip Padraig says will always remain with him, as being part of something so inspirational, so amazing and the banter with so many youths was great.



A qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach and full time GAA Coach, Gordon has extensive experience in coaching and training elite and leisure athletes,both in team and individual environments.
His outdooor pursuits experience includes Kilimanjaro,The High Arctic,The Alps and Mount Elbrus. He has a wealth of experience in the field which began as part of the original Gaisce Gold Award group in 1986.
Equally comfortable with Athletes in the sportsfield his experience of coaching and preparing teams and athletes extends to almost 30 years. Having recently attained a B.A. in Strength and Conditioning from Setanta College his coaching and training methods are both contemporary and cutting edge.
He takes immense pride and satisfaction in climbers achieving their goals on Kilimanjaro and will be on hand to offer critical advice and support in such areas as physical preparation in the form of personalised fitness plans,dietary and equipment advice.

Rob Frank


Rob is a keen naturalist and climbing guide with over 15 years experience climbing on Kilimanjaro mountain and a vast knowledge of his native Tanzania. When he’s not climbing with clients, his passion is Safari. He always looks forward to periods spent on safaris and treks. His wide interests include mammalian life, birdlife, mountaineering, botany, wildlife behavioral ecology, culture and history.
He is a graduate of the Mweka Wildlife College (the most prestigious wildlife college in Africa). Rob is a certified Wilderness first aid responder, so you’re in the safest hands.
A Safari and trek with Rob will give you the finest education in African wildlife, landscapes and culture. To him, client liaison, satisfaction, happiness and a feeling of an enriching experience is of utmost importance and, he always strives hard to ensure he makes everyone’s dream holiday a reality by providing them with the best possible travel experience in Tanzania.



Samwell Born in the Southern highlands of Tanzania, Samwel (known to all as Sam) Kisonga is an exceptional Kilimanjaro climber; calmly assured, pragmatic and in control. He is a professionally trained and certified Kilimanjaro guide and attended numerous courses and training on Wilderness first aid so can handle all issues that might arise due to altitude problems.Sam is considered one of the fastest and most gifted guides on Kilimanjaro and has been climbing Africa’s highest mountain for more than 10 years and has successfully led more than 250 treks to the summit. He will take great pride in introducing you to this once in a lifetime adventure that will imprint long lasting memories in your mind.



Said Makacha is an enthusiastic guide, with an easy relaxed manner and is an enormously experienced Kilimanjaro guide. Like Sam, he has more than ten years of experience in Kilimanjaro mountain expeditions. A certified first aid responder, he knows how to deal with altitude sickness and is very passionate and responsible about his job.
Said has scaled Kilimanjaro more than 300 times. His group sizes have varied from two to fifty people, and ages range from fourteen to seventy. With great enthusiasm, Said will help you to do something you never thought you could.


A full time Deli Manager and Chairperson of The North Clare No Name Club. Edel first climbed Kilimanjaro in 2013 which she said was the most amazing and life changing experience of her life, so much so that when she returned to Ireland, she set about putting together a group from her local youth club including her two daughters. Kilimanjaro Achiever and Everlasting Tanzania made their trip so amazing and by helping organize it, Edel saw all the amazing work they do. After seeing first-hand how much the locals rely on Everlasting for work and how much the orphanage/schools need supporting she decided to become a volunteer with Kilimanjaro Achievers.


Dr. Ellie O’Leary

Dr. Ellie O’Leary is a Consultant Anaesthetist. Ellie is the Medical Director for Kilimanjaro Achievers and Medical Advisor for the climbers. Ellie has been on Kilimanjaro on 5 occasions as part of the medical support for the climbers and has summitted 3 times. She is also involved in fundraising for the Orphanage, the Main Beneficiary of monies raised by Kilimanjaro Achievers.


Prof. Feargal Quinn

Prof. Feargal Quinn is a Consultant Pediatric Surgeon. Feargal is the Medical Assistant for Kilimanjaro Achievers climbers. He has been on Kilimanjaro acting as the medical support for both the guides and the climbers and has reached the summit with his two sons. Feargal is also passionately involved in fundraising for the Cheti Orphanage too. Feargal annually travels to Tanzania providing voluntary medical care for children in the surrounding communities.



“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”.
Zig Ziglar

“Kilimanjaro…. What an experience after three long hard months training and fundraising it was finally here. I still can’t believe I’ve done it, but it wasn’t easy that’s for sure. Everyday had its own challenge but all 33 of us would be there supporting each other through the hard parts. We were one big happy family and all of us summited thanks to Ian Mc Keever and his wonderful team. They looked after us so well, hot water at night to keep you warm, breakfast, lunch and dinner were lovely. The amount of work they do is truly amazing. Big thank you to all the gang couldn’t have done it without you.”

William Winder Age 14