Training & Preparation

All mountains are actually about the journey and not the summit. To that end we at Kilimanjaro Achievers believe that our 12 week program should be holistic in nature and adapted and integrated to fit into your actual lifestyle choices. This will be provided to you in your information pack once deposits have been paid. Please read GEAR LIST for a full list of all the items you will need.

Group training will be organised on various Irish mountains such as Galtees- Co Tipperary, Glendalough/Knockcree – Co Wiclkow, Carrauntoohil – Co Kerry and Lugnaquilla – Co Wicklow. Dates for these climbs will be provided at the time of booking. It is important to never go hiking alone.  We like to use these climbs to raise some much need funds for our chosen Charities in Africa so why not Make it fun bring all your friends/friends along to support you and make a small donation on the day.


There are 2 key components to the program:
There are 6 key markers or risk factors that we can identify in the human blood that are critical to summiting at altitudes of 6,500 metres or less. All climbers have their bloods done when they sign up by their local GP and have results sent to Kilimanjaro Achiever’s.

All risk factors are carefully monitored and expert advice is provided to address any shortcoming and ensure optimization.

At Kilimanjaro Achievers we recognise the role that fitness plays when integrated with the other elements. Our emphasis is on improving each person’s fitness (regardless of background or age) in 3 key areas:
Lung capacity (working both aerobic & anaerobic systems)
Energy output (working with both metabolic & core)
Strength & conditioning (working with relevant muscle groups)

It is important to get your body into the best possible shape physically and mentally in preparation for summit night which is approximately 15hr and will be one of the most amazing experiences of your life, watching the sun rise on the roof of Africa.



You will get an opportunity to meet all the Team and other climbers over the course of our pre climbing training, which is a great chance to get to know each other well. This is important as you will all rely heavily on each other on the mountain where you will form a bond like no other.

We also strongly advise doing some research on Tanzania, especially on their cultures. Try learning some simple Swahili phrases, you will have some great fun with all the African team sharing stories and teaching each other English and Swahili.


Asanta/Thank you

Pole Pole/Slowly Slowly.


“It was a journey I will never ever forget. With a strict diet and intense training all students and teachers made it to the summit. I would highly recommend this adventure of a lifetime to everybody. It was amazing to see the different landscapes as we got higher up the mountain. It was worth all the sweat and tears, because a small bit of pain is worth a lifetime of achievement”.

Síodhfra Greene

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”.

Winston Churchill