Why Us?

It matters a lot in climbing! And at Kilimanjaro Achievers we are proud to say that to date we are the International operators with unequivocally, the highest success rate for summiting successfully and safely by anyone in the world.

Our record to date speaks for itself:

  1. 99% success rate. Over 400 Irish and international clients – over 400 summits! (ages ranging 11 – 72). We are the only operators in Ireland and the world with this record.
  2. Ireland’s ONLY not for profit  trekking company.
  3. In August 2012, 150 students, teachers, parents and doctors set a new world record for the most people to reach the summit together. All Heros in their own right!
  4. Youngest ever European male Sean McSharry aged 10 years old.
  5. Youngest ever female in the world Sarah O’ Neill aged 11 years old.
  6. First ever all female group to summit.
  7. We are the only company to bring 2 cystic fibrosis teenagers to the summit.
  8. We are fully licensed and bonded through Saffron Travels.
  9. Climbers with stable medical conditions will be evaluated by our Doctors, and will discuses the issues with their respective specialists. Safety and minimal risk are our absolute priority.

At Kilimanjaro Achievers we place a large emphasis on the ‘why’ and helping you discover that driving motivation for yourself as you embark on your journey with us. That journey is an ongoing process. Your goal represents a journey in itself not the destination and we are careful to remind you that the destination is not the actual mountain summit Uhuru Peak.


Kilimanjaro Achievers as well as being a successful and record breaking climbing group, also provides and supports to all climbers in the form of a 12 week preparatory training program to provide added value in areas such as Fitness/team building/motivational performance/ coaching and support.

It matters a lot in climbing! Health and well being must come first. Expert advice from a team of experts on and off the mountain, spearheaded by Consultant Dr Padraig Sheeran from Our Lady’s Hospital Crumlin in Dublin, is provided in all relevant areas from medical to nutritional.
There is a carefully prepared health and safety protocol document which is provided to all climbers outlining all steps from prep to summit.

Giving something back comes first . Kilimanjaro Achievers has a loyal and proud team in our partners Everlasting Tanzanian Travels, comprising leading qualified guides and a wonderful crew of amazing porters drawn over years of collaboration from the many tribes of Tanzania, each loyal and ever present on our trips. This unique cultural blend ensures that your experience is a truly memorable one.
50% of all the funds you raise for charity will go back into the local economy of Tanzania capturing a range of deserving needs.


For all of you that come with us on our journey. Ensuring that every day on the mountain we put a smile on our clients faces; that we make them take two minutes every day to appreciate where they are and why they came; to let clients leave their ‘baggage’ at the bottom of the mountain when they start in the hope that they may never have to collect same when they leave.
“Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little, has its stages of drudgery and triumph; a beginning, a struggle and a victory.”